In Global Assessment tool Sustainability has become one of those keywords to politicians to raise their profiles and then forget comfortably in bandy, when their contract, or until their appointments are protected. This concept is especially popular among the projects always aim for long-term sustainability, or independent of social development. Currently applicable to the design, construction and building management with a focus on the needs of developing countries.

Global Assessment Tool

In South Africa, which can be regarded as a developing country in many ways the problem of sustainability in the construction of the technology for the construction of the CRID? One of the most important ways to evolve is sustainable for the construction of the tool (SBAT) one of global assessment tool. SBAT collects information at all stages of the building's life cycle analysis, which can then be stored in a database for use in future projects.

Global Assessment Tool

Sustainable development means meeting the needs of those in current simultaneously provided by survival of resources for future generations. You should also consider the impact on the environment and the environment are preserved as much as possible with global assessment tool

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SBAT covers 15 regions in the construction of buildings that have to be assessed in its relations with social, economic and ecological systems. These areas are:

Environmental Areas:

· Water

· Energy

· Waste

· Website

· Materials and components

Economic regions:

· Local economy

· Use efficiency

· Adaptability and flexibility

· Management of expenditure

· Capital Costs

Social field:

· Comfort for passengers

· Inclusive environments

· Access to resources

· Participation and control

· Local entrepreneurs for education, health and safety

One of the most important considerations that must be included in sustainable development is the impact of the development of the local economy. Taking into account the implications for the measurement of SBAT with global assessment tool comes with 5 evaluation criteria.

These criteria include:

· The use of local contractors and workers in the construction of the building.

· The volume of construction material locally.

· Or furniture and accessories and parts are used.

· What measure small local companies as contractors, manufacturers and retailers have taken support during the entire construction of Europe?.

· Maintenance of the building and its systems.

Sustainability has a project to join, they must be treated quickly. A meeting for everyone involved in the project on sustainability and a common vision of the future is imperative. An analysis of the Web site is important because it contributes to potential problems addressed and the potential sources of danger that can be drawn from the real social, economic and environmental it's all with global assessment tool.

The information collected can be used to make sustainability feasible target for the construction project. Commitment to customer sustainability and that the design team of the general concept is to be determined. Data are collected from Web site analysis showed the extent to which the project can count on local businesses and the finishing work. Similar projects can have a calendar view and the costs should be taken into account.

One of the points in the discussion of sustainability is little if any damage to the environment. It is recommended use assessment tool that when a building ceased to serve its original purpose, it has been refurbished and reused. In some cases, this is not possible, in this case, since much of the building should be recycled as possible.

Sustainability is an industry that is growing in many developed countries like the United States and Australia. In developed countries is the focal point for maintaining the current way of life, reduce consumption of natural resources. In developing countries, the goal is to improve the quality of life for citizens, while the protection of resources and to avoid a negative impact on the environment. Which build sustainability must never forget that we have to preserve our environment, with assessment tool to kept humanity. Sustainability would be a political discussion, but not at the expense of the total value.

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Reading Assessment Tools

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